We believe that we need to care about those beyond our local area, and to be a partner with other Christians and churches who are sharing God’s love and salvation with those around them. We have formed a partnership with Sunbury City Church in Sunbury, PA. This is a young church working to reach the people in a community that has, in some ways, been forgotten by the surrounding community. Changing demographics and economic struggles have made life in this small city difficult. So, surrounded by people who are disconnected from God, this church has made it their mission to reach out, lift up, and love their neighbors.

We have partnered with them by taking teams of people to Sunbury and Sunbury City Church to assist them in this work of love. They are meeting in an aging church building, and we have provided painting, landscaping, lighting improvements, etc. We have also provided additional resources for worship and we have helped them reach into the surrounding streets and neighborhoods to let people know that there is a place where they can find love, support, and help for the challenges of everyday life. Consider whether God might be calling you to go with us on our next trip!