6:00pm - 8:00pm

Our students have two weekly gatherings that both take place on Sunday. We understand the business of the students with family, school, and extra curricular activities, some want to make it as easy as possible with their schedule. We meet every Sunday at 10:00am and Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. Our Sunday morning gathering is a time of informal study where we build relationships through a devotion and time of fellowship. Sunday nights are a time of deep biblical study. We start an evening meal at 6:00pm then role right into our bible study. 

At First Baptist Wallace, our student ministry consist of 6th-12th graders from all walks of life. We understand the pressure and influence these students have in their everyday walk. Our students mission is to be the influence as we represent Jesus in our walk, and not follow the influence this world is telling us to follow. With this being the mission, our students are learning about missions, evangelism, Bibilical theology, and how to engage the culture. Of course our students know how to have a lot of fun with games and eventful trips, but our main focus is digging into scripture and living on mission for the Gospel.